Welcome to the Elm Haven Fellowship S.D.A. Church in Windsor, CO. We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Pastor Jason Logan
Elm Haven Fellowship S.D.A. Church

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Sabbath School: 9:30 AM
Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Sabbath October 20:

Brother Milton Dick will present the Sabbath School lesson study

Pastor Jason Logan will present the worship message

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Please note: Pastor Logan will initiate a new weekly Wednesday evening Bible study on October 17, 6:30 PM.  "Biblical Response Therapy" is a Bible study which goes into great detail on life changing principles for overcoming character weaknesses, addictions, and unwanted habitual tendencies.  And yes, I expect we all are in need of it.  The study will be held at the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church (corner of 21st Ave. and 10th Street - Parking lot east side of church)

Also Note:  The November all church potluck will be held at the Windsor Recreation Center on the First Sabbath (November 3rd) instead of the usual 3rd Sabbath.


Above: A nice turnout for the 2018 Bonfire at Schraeder's

Slideshow of 2018 Bonfire >>

The Ark makes it to the Windsor Labor Day Parade:

Pretty impressive to behold.  Thanks to all the volunteers.

More pictures at Building Noah's Ark >>

Devotional From Pastor Jason and Grace Logan

October 18, 2018


Traditions are a funny thing, specifically in religion. Traditions can enhance our spiritual experience or sometimes they can get in the way of our spirituality. As we study through the gospels we find that Jesus was constantly battling against the religious traditions of the Jewish leadership. They were so steeped in tradition that many had  completely lost the spiritual aspects of their religion. We can do the same thing in our own lives. If you really stop and think about it, I think you might find that there are a lot of traditions within our religion that we take as “gospel truth”, because that is how it has always been.

Our family has some traditions that we do and have done when the kids were younger. We try to do them as an enhancement to our spiritual activities, but sometimes we find that it gets to methodical overtime and therefore loses any spiritual significance and it is no longer genuine. Instead it can just become a matter of going through the motions.

Since our kids were little we would open the Sabbath with our five-piece candle holder in the middle of the table and as we would sing a certain song we would each light our candle. Then we would have a little worship and praise time together. Just recently I found a new Sabbath song that we’ve added to our family Sabbath tradition, as a closing song. Last Sabbath as we started the closing song Abigail just burst into tears and cried throughout the song. After the song was over we asked her what was going on and she told us “that it just really sunk in that in not so many months she would no longer be with us to bring in the Sabbath”. Instead, she will be off at college opening the Sabbath with her roommate, friends, or at a campus vespers service. Afton spoke up and told Abby that she will light her candle for her every Sabbath here at home.

It was such a blessing to hear from our daughter that this tradition that we’ve been doing for so long has become so special to her and that she will deeply miss it. I believe we need to be very careful with our traditions and make sure that our traditions don’t become our religion, but instead are an enhancement of our religious experience and that we don’t make traditions an expectation on others as religion itself like the Jews of old.

Do you have any Sabbath traditions that enhance your experience? We’d love to hear what they are!