Plans for 2017 Fall Evangelism (Accomplished with a good number of baptisms)

Literature Distribution & Thanksgiving Baskets

Christmas Caroling (Last year, 2016; and repeated Dec 16, 2017)

Elm Haven Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in the fastgrowing community of Windsor, Colorado, has embraced the Total Member Involvement (TMI) concept.  Church members are undertaking a series of TMI outreach events as the congregation lays the groundwork for Amazing Facts evangelism meetings scheduled for September 2017 in Windsor.  Earlier this fall the congregation distributed over 1,500 “Hero of Hacksaw Ridge” sharing books at area Veterans’ commemorations and “Hacksaw Ridge” movie showings, as well as other public sharing opportunities and mailings.  A book was also placed in each of the Thanksgiving baskets that the church distributed to needy families in the Windsor area.  The latest TMI outreach was Christmas Caroling at local supermarkets on Sabbath, December 17.  In near zero weather 30 church members formed a Christmas choir and sang the songs of Christmas to those who were grocery shopping.  Many of the shoppers stopped and sang along for a moment or two.  Others snapped pictures of the Elm Haven Fellowship group with their smart phones.  It was truly heartwarming and such a blessing to see so many smiling and appreciative faces.  Over the two-hour span of caroling three members handed out Christmas gift packets consisting of a “The Faith of Desmond Doss” pocket book, a Bible study card, and a flyer describing upcoming community TMI events, along with an attached candy cane.  Afterwards the group gathered together to pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those receiving the gift packets and those simply onlooking.  And to praise and thank our Lord for wonderfully blessing this caroling outreach.  “I think that the Lord’s blessings rested on our caroling outreach,” said Pastor John Martin.

Elm Haven Fellowship Outreach

Elm Haven's outreach can be divided into two parts.  Individual member outreach encouraged by the church through our ministries directory, and the outreach of the corporate church body.  Our current ministries directory is a page long and included things like Radio spot ministry, Community clothing bank ministry, Signs Box ministry, Family counseling ministry, Religious Liberty ministry.  Our Corporate outreach has been focused on contacting the community by mail.  We have sent the Steps to Christ packet to every address in our territory and also the Great Controversy packet.  We have mailed out flyers for The Hope Channel and its Bible lessons.  We operate a Discover Bible School and have mailed out enrollment cards to the community on numerous occasions.  Our 2014 mailing program involves mailing a DVD of the first two evangelistic presentations of a 26 presentation series.  This first DVD has been altered so that our Pastor makes a local introduction and shares with the viewer the reason for the DVD.  Elm Haven wants to provide a way to do Bible Study for the busy people of our bedroom community who are not able to attend nightly meetings at a central location.  Our next planned outreach is a cover letter to all the people who have responded to any of our offers over the past 10 years.  Once again we will invite them to enroll in the Discover Bible Course.

Greeley Interfaith Clothing Bank

The Elm Haven Fellowship ladies volunteer for service at Greeley Interfaith Clothing Bank at 228 No. 9th Ave. (between A & B Streets), Greeley, under the leadership of Elaine Werner. Clothing Bank hours are Mon. through Saturday 9 AM-4 PM. Volunteers are needed. Call Elaine at 346-0439 to volunteer. The Clothing Bank, now over 25 years old, is a project of GIA dedicated to providing low cost clothing to needy families from donations of reusable good quality items.  Several faith groups and members of the community provide the all-volunteer staffing of the Clothing Bank.  Volunteers sort and select from the donated clothing those items that meet good quality standards.  Items are priced from 25 cents for a pair of socks or a belt to $5.00 for a winer coat or designer jeans.  Price tags are attached to the items and placed on clothing racks in the showroom.  Out of season clothing is boxed and stored until needed.  Customers select the items they want and pay for them at the cash register.  Clothing items are not given away free.  Clothing is sold to the public at very low prices.  Discount Vouchers may be issued by caseworkers at social service agencies and by faith communities to eligible families.  Discount Vouchers are used to buy up to 8 items per family member at a 90% discount.  Vouchers are valid for 1 year and may be re-issued after 3 months to eligible families.  The Clothing Bank is always in need of clothing donations, voluteers, and customers looking for inexpensive good quality reusable clothing.

Signs of The Times

We now have six boxes for Signs of the Times out doing their silent work 24/7. We are open to the possibility of more. If anyone knows of a good place, please contact Pastor Martin or Brian Shutt. Please continue praying for the Signs boxes. And take a moment each day to ask God to lead people to pick up a copy of Signs from one of the boxes or laundromats.

Bible Study

Meitty Jeannoutot hosts a bible study every Friday evening. This study is led by Melody Pierson.

Al Lopez

Al Lopez continues an important ministry for the youth at the youth rehabilitation facility in Greeley. Thank you Al!

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian foods may be obtained by calling Gayla Shutt and meeting her at the Greeley Church. Her number is 737-0240.




The long awaited time for our mission trip finally came! Ethan sleeps sitting at the Atlanta airport.

We had six volunteers from our church that went with the group.  They were: Elias Garcia, Rachelle Diaz, Juan, Trish and Ethen Moran, and Melody Pierson.

They all started out for DIA at the same time where they should have gotten on a plane and 40 minutes later arrived at Dallas. However Mother Nature had other plans. Some got off okay while others had to spend the night in the airport, causing them to miss the plane from Dallas to Belize. They all made it to Belize on Friday morning around 11:30am. There was another long wait for a bus until 4:30 PM.

They finJoe and JC handmix concrete before the mixer cameally arrived at the college where a wonderful dinner had been prepared for them.

Most students that attend the college do not live in Calcutta where the college is located. The college teaches primary teachers, preachers, computer sciences, and general studies.

Students play hopscotch at recess; the girls are barefooted in 97-degree heat!

In order to have tortilla’s they are made from large vats of water and lye, then rinsed and ground for the Masa.

All concrete was mixed by hand carrying water, sand, and gravel in 5-gallon buckets.

Beautiful white rock used for landscaping in the United States  is used for fill in Belize.  The workers carried the rock in buckets. They called it the "rock brigade".
Footings were poured by hand from a wheelbarrow.

In addition to the construction and painting, our team had Vacation Bible School lead by Rachelle. The first night there were about 60 in attendance, by Thursday they  had nearly 200!! Praise the Lord.

Rachelle leads out in Vacation Bible SchoolThey were not able to get the entire structure up but accomplished an amazing amount of work in 5 ½ days. Blocks were laid, rebar cut, and unimaginable tons of rock, sand, water and concrete were hauled, mixed, and spread.  All by hand!
Juan and Amy G. prepare buckets for carrying materi

The group spent the last Sabbath in worship with their new friends in Belize and after a very nice lunch they headed for town to give away 500 lbs of shoes.

They were able to give away all of the shoes, and the people were so appreciative for getting them! Their smiles told it all. Afterward they were treated to a wonderful dinner at a beautiful place called Tony’s Resort in Corozal Town, Belize. Tony’s Resort has been a great supporter of the work done  by the Adventure group for the last 8 years.

Boy with shoes from the shoe give - awayAll arrived home safe and sound, and a little bit sad to leave. But, as the saying goes, there is no place like Home!

We thank God for the safe return of all our people. 

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