The "Happy Sabbath" Weekly E-Newsletter
June 16, 2018
God Takes Note
There are a couple verses in 1 Kings 7 that bring out an interesting aspect about God. Verses 13 and 14 talk about a man by the name of Huram who was a bronze worker. You find in 2 Chron. 2:13, 14 that he was actually skilled in whatever you might give him to work with; gold, silver, iron, stone, wood, and even fine linen. It also says that he was filled with wisdom and knowledge, and that he can accomplish any plans that might be given to him.
These two short sections of Scripture and one other verse (2 Chron. 4:16) are all we really know about him. So, who is he really, what is he like as a person? Well, we don’t know any more than what is mentioned. Yet, God deems it important to share with us that this man’s involvement in skilled labor for the Lord is noteworthy.
I love that this is in the Scriptures. Sometimes we might think that we’re not doing anything that really matters in the larger scheme of things for the Lord’s kingdom, but God makes it very clear here that He notices and appreciates everything His followers do in service for Him. Nothing is unimportant or menial in His eyes. Instead what stands out to God is whether or not we use our skills to serve Him and if so, are we faithful and diligent in using them.
I want to say thank you to all of you who do various tasks and responsibilities within God’s church. Sometimes it may feel that your dutifulness goes unnoticed, but I assure you it does not. I personally am very grateful for those who are continually cooking, cleaning, teaching, doing bulletins, and the list goes on and on; each and every Sabbath as well as different events that take place during the week. However, much more importantly, God takes notice and He sees all these things as important and noteworthy.
Thank You!!!
Pastor Jason
Pastor Jason will be our speaker this week. Please ask the Lord to bless him as he completes his preparation and presents the message.
Brother Shawn Korgan will be our adult Sabbath School teacher this week.
Our prayers this week will be for Eaton Prosecuting Attorney Avi Rocklin and Eaton School Board of Education President Tim Croissant.
The church calendar for June and July can be downloaded for viewing and/or printing by clicking HERE
For handy access to our volunteers lists you can use the this link to view or print them. Click HERE
We certainly appreciate our many volunteers who sign up each and every month to make our church run smoothly!
This Sabbath, June 16th, we’ll be having our first church-wide Fellowship Dinner of the summer at the Windsor Main Park, 300 Locust Street (Shelters #1 & 2 on the South side of the park). Cooks, we look forward to enjoying the fruit of your labor and the blessings our Lord has bestowed on you. And as always, kindly prepare your savory summertime dishes in abundance.
 As mentioned in the Happy Sabbath last week our scholarship fund is running lower than in recent years and needs our focused attention to bring it back up within its normal range. We all recognize the importance of Christian education for our young ones and ask for your additional support of this fund. Please give generously by simply writing “Scholarship Fund” on a blank line on a tithe envelope and enclosing your special offering.
Click HERE for a well written article by Clifford Goldstein excerpted from this month’s “Sign of the Times” magazine. It is an example of what can be found in this wonderful little monthly magazine. Perhaps you would enjoy subscribing or purchasing a gift subscription for a family member, friend or acquaintance. Click HERE for more information.
We have continued to reach out for a volunteer to take over writing the weekly Happy Sabbath E-Newsletter, but thus far to no avail. May we remind you that brother Dennis will be leaving this ministry at the end of this month. Read every week by an overwhelming majority of our members as well as by others outside Elm Haven it would certainly be a shame to see this beloved communication ministry fall by the wayside. If you are interested please contact Dennis at or his cell 719.649.6388.
"Nevertheless we, according to His promise, 
look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells."
2 Peter 3:13
We look forward to seeing you at Thursday Prayer Meeting (Greeley SDA Church), and on Sabbath. Please consider joining us for either or both of these. Visitors are most welcome.
May our Lord bless and keep you & your family until we meet again!
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